Ronnie apologises to Charlie when Phil gets out of hospital and is rude about them being together. Ronnie confronts Phil, who warns her she shouldn’t be dating a copper, as he might find out her secrets. Meanwhile, Dot gives Charlie her old engagement ring, encouraging him to propose. Deciding to go for it, Charlie asks Ronnie to marry him. Ronnie realises she needs to tell him the truth…

Linda tries to seem pleased when Mick arranges for Stacey to come to the Vic and do her hair for her. As the pair chat, Linda realises that Stacey has a dark past she’s had to move on from, giving Linda new hope. Looking like her old self, Linda goes down to the bar. Things take a turn for the worse, however, when Mick tries to match-make Stacey and Dean, inviting them upstairs for cocktails.

Alfie takes some clothes to hospital for Kat, who is due to return home. Looking at the sexy little number that Alfie has brought in depresses Kat, as she wonders if she’s really that person any more.

Also, new boy Kush takes a spot in the market and immediately irritates Shabnam.