Philippa tells Steph they are going for full custody with no access – but they’ll allow her to talk to Charlie today. However, Charlie’s been shaken by Philippa’s reports of Steph’s relapse and tells her he doesn’t want to see her. Later, Sonya and Toadie are saddened as Steph roars away on her motorbike.  

Kyle’s determined to get Xanthe back home before Sheila wakes up. He arranges a meeting with the DHS case worker – but things don’t go well at the meeting. Meanwhile, Josh breaks the bad news to Sheila and she rushes home from her hospital bed. The family persuade Xanthe they love her and eventually she’s reunited with the Canning clan.

Josh arrives home from Brisbane and Paul asks him to run a few errands for work. Meanwhile, Piper gets on with her documentary on Doug. But when she corrects her grandfather’s belief that she’s Ned, he turns aggressive and pushes her over. Josh is horrified when he gets home but Piper begs him not to tell anyone, afraid that Doug’s outburst will have him put in a home.