Charlie risks her career

Benji is brought in for questioning and states that Brax was driving the getaway car. Charlie tries – and fails – to convince Inspector Joyce of Brax’s innocence. Desperate, she conspires with Brax to steal the evidence. When the Inspector realises the evidence is missing, he reduces Charlie’s duties. She meets up with Brax and is consumed with guilt over her part in the conspiracy. But will she crack and come clean?

April is keen to make amends over the prescription pad incident and apologises to everyone. Everyone, that is, except Dex, which makes him angry. When she asks Xavier if he knows why Dex is so upset, Xavier reveals it may have something to do with the ‘sex talk’ he’s wanted to have with her. When April confronts Dex she quickly realises he’s actually upset over her lack of apology, and even more upset that she failed to realise it.

Stu is stressed about his HSC workload. He’s also under pressure from his dad to go into a career that doesn’t interest him. Stu draws a sketch for Sasha… which she gets tattooed on her midriff! And if that wasn’t shocking enough, it looks like she went to a dodgy tattooist because the tattoo starts to get infected.