Frantic Charlie tracks Louis down to a squalid crack den in this week’s Casualty! Heroin user Louis ran off last week while Charlie was helping him go cold turkey at home. Tragically, however, when he catches up with his son this week, Louis has given up on life and doesn’t want his dad, or anyone else, to help him.

Desperate to get through to Louis, Charlie threatens to inject himself with a syringe full of heroin there and then. Finally, Charlie’s drastic action gets through to his son, who breaks down and agrees to seek help.

Elsewhere, things are still frosty between Max and Zoe, after he spent the night in his car. However, they kiss and make up when Zoe decides to join Max in this motor.

And with three recent patient deaths, Dylan becomes obsessed with the thought he’s to blame, although his colleagues believe otherwise. Later in the shift, Dylan realises all three patients died in bay 4, and becomes convinced the number is unlucky for him.

Meanwhile, since her lukewarm first kiss with Zach, Robyn’s gone off the hunky courier. Forced to acknowledge her feelings, Robyn breaks up with him. 

Jaws drop in the ED when Cal reveals he plans to apply for the Fellowship exams. And Lily has her sights on Ethan as potential boyfriend material!