*First episode*
Peter arrives at the Barlows’ house to tales of Charlie’s alleged abuse of Tracy and he decides to spend a few days at her house to keep on eye on her. Meanwhile, Charlie is riled when Jason tells him that he’s seen Tracy go into the house with a bloke and he storms over to investigate.

Tracy is gleeful when he bursts in and hears a man in the shower and sees an open bottle of wine and immediately jumps to the wrong conclusions, assuming she’s just had sex with another man.

Over at the Rovers, Steve and Michelle have a joke as they prepare questions for the pub quiz and it looks like Michelle’s forgiven Steve for trying to ruin her date. Steve is hopeful that he’s gradually winning her over.

Jason is doing his best to appear the doting dad and gets full marks out of 10 for being on nappy changing duty. But Violet’s not so impressed when he passes off his babysitting duties on to her.

Also, Liam’s annoyed when Carla starts using his office for her own burgeoning business.

*Second episode, 9.00pm*
Charlie lunges at a half-naked Peter and starts laying in to him despite Tracy’s frantic protests. Genuinely worried, she rushes downstairs to call the police, while Charlie drags a bloodied Peter into the street to continue the brawl.

Deirdre and Ken come running over as Peter collapses unconscious and Charlie is stunned when they reveal that Peter is Tracy’s brother. Tracy feels guilty for letting it go so far, but uses the situation to her advantage when the police arrive and plays the part of the battered wife.

Over at the Rovers, the pub quiz starts and Roy and Norris are taking things very seriously. The pair battle it out to the end and it’s neck-and-neck – but Roy’s team wins on the final question, much to Norris’s displeasure!

Liam brags to Paul that he’s dealt with Carla about her use of the factory for her own ends. But when Kelly revals that it was the other factory girls who protested Carla’s presence, Liam has to admit he was too much of a coward to confront her on his own!