Charlie sneaks behind Ronnie’s back

Ronnie offers to go to Nick’s funeral with Charlie when she discovers it’s planned for today. When Charlie refuses, insisting he wants to go alone, Ronnie asks Ben for help. Arriving at the crematorium, Ronnie sees Charlie with Roxy. Upset she returns home, and when Charlie later fails to tell her he was at the funeral with Roxy, Ronnie smashes her wedding photo in a fit of rage.

Kim causes tension at the bar by insisting her cocktails go on the menu. When Phil encourages Sharon to fight for the bar she built, Sharon suggests holding a cocktail competition between her and Kim, with whoever sells the most winning. After neither will accept defeat, Sharon suggests they open a separate bar upstairs to compete to run The Albert.

Masood is stunned when he learns from Shirley that Shabnam has told the Carters her daughter has died. Coming clean to Tamwar about the revelation, Masood has food for thought when Tamwar warns him not to mess in Shabnam’s life. At a dinner party, when Kush asks Martin to be his best man, Masood struggles not to say anything.

Also, Jane’s devastated to learn Cindy has moved to Devon with a friend and doesn’t want to talk to her and Ian.