Charlie strengthens his hold on Jo

Jo is horrified when Charlie reveals that he’s moving into the farmhouse and there’s nothing she can do about it. Jake urges Jo to go to the police but she is afraid that Charlie will get to Andy. Jo visits Andy and she returns to discover that Jake has called the police – although Charlie is nowhere to be seen. Later, Charlie turns up and attacks Jo and warns her that if she tries to turn him in again, he’ll hurt not only her, but Sarah too.

Edna is stunned when she discovers that Lily has returned to the village and is staying with Pearl. Lily goes for a drink with Pearl, who admits that Edna accused her of flirting with Doug and goes on to reveal that Edna had a thing about Len when he was alive. Edna walks in and is furious to find them gossiping and erupts with anger.

Sam has had a visit from the couple whose house he squatted in while he was on the run, but they have been sympathetic to the circumstances and Sam has promised to help the wife Carol with some charitable work gardening in recompense.

Also, Laurel and Ashley drift apart as they grieve for Daniel.