Charlie suspects Angelo of cheating

Charlie is convinced Angelo is cheating on her, Angelo admits he lied to her about the photos but because he’s working undercover. After getting the coroner’s report on Grant’s killing, Robertson visits the fish markets and there he believes he uncovers some telling evidence. More good news follows when Leah agrees to go out on a date with him.

Harry’s inability to sleep regularly is taking a toll on Rachel and Tony. Rachel’s efforts to get him into a routine are failing. Martha suggests that they take Harry out to the farm hoping the fresh air and change of scene might help. Harry takes a little while to adjust to being out there and by the time he falls into a peaceful sleep; both his parents have crashed out for well deserved rests too.

Annie is fed up – she’s sure Jai’s part of the problem because he’s still chasing her but she is becoming attracted to Romeo. Romeo, meanwhile, is helping Jai write poetry for Annie. Elsewhere, Romeo manages to persuade John to give him a job. He turns up for his first day of teaching local wannabe surfers how it’s done, he’s surprised to find Annie in his class. How will they manage to suppress their mutual attraction now?

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