Angelo sees Charlie and immediately feels guilty. He’s overly affectionate and Charlie is suspicious. A cryptic conversation between Angelo and Shandi piques Charlie’s interest further. Angelo eventually confesses that he was tempted by Shandi. He’s feeling the pressure of running the restaurant and Shandi’s freedom attracted him. Charlie leaves, saying she’ll free him of another commitment in his life.

Miles has read a self-help book and is in a ‘yes’ mood. He meets Shandi and they hit it off. She’s also read the book. They share a meal and a kiss and Miles is delighted… until Shandi reveals John Palmer is her father!

Dex takes his goldfish, Marilyn, to school. He’s desperate to bond with her, but it’s not happening. He returns the fish to the pet shop, saying it doesn’t love him. Adrian, the shop assistant, explains that fish have very short memories and lives. This upsets Dex further and he decides to keep Marilyn.

Adrian asks Dex on a date. It goes well. Adrian explains that Dex has transferred his love for Marilyn the human onto Marilyn the fish in a bid to get over her. Dex agrees and Adrian tells him not to worry, people do weird things to get over a broken heart.

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