Julia opens the door to Charlie but she’s not sure who he is, is he Mac?
After dinner, Julia calls Charlie ‘Mac’ – and she wants her husband to take her to bed. Charlie decides he can’t take advantage but when she starts to kiss him, Charlie leads her to upstairs.

The next day, Ruth is relieved to see Charlie’s car outside Julia’s house. Charlie tries to get upstairs before Julia opens the door, but he fails and Ruth is left confused by what she sees. Ruth calls Heston to the house, but Charlie denies any wrong doing and insists he slept in the spare room.

In the bathroom, Julia tells Ruth that Mac was rather forceful last night. Heston is disgusted but Charlie defends himself. Heston tells Ruth they’ve got to call the police but Ruth fears Julia wouldn’t handle a rape trial.

At St Phil’s Hospital, Julia is like a rabbit in the headlights as they take blood. When Julia discovers that her son Patrick will be coming Julia has a fit and the doctors rush in to stabilise her.

As Charlie shows no remorse, Heston punches him in the face and says he’ll make sure Charlie never practices medicine again. Meanwhile, Patrick’s stunned to find Julia wired up and sedated – how long will she be like this?

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