Charlie threatens Linda

Linda goes to The Mill to confront Charlie, but when she discovers he’s out, she makes an appointment to see his old friend Heston. Linda tries to tell Heston about Charlie’s past, but she fails to make her point, and is asked to leave. Linda tells Anthony about her run-in with Heston, and he offers to tell Julia what kind of man she’s employed in Charlie.

Heston tells Charlie about Linda’s visit, but Charlie spins him a yarn; they flirted, but he ended things abruptly, leaving Linda bruised. Charlie intercepts Anthony waiting to talk to Julia and warns that if Anthony reports him, he’ll tell all about Anthony cooking the books, and his career will be over.

Anthony backs down, but when Linda digs her heels in Charlie coldly threatens her; she’d better drop this, or she’ll find out what he’s really capable of. Linda flees, and Charlie returns inside, telling Heston it was all a storm in a teacup.

Also, Cherry decides to arrange something special for Jimmi’s birthday, but Daniel has other plans and Jack’s party lifestyle seems to have landed him in hot water.

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