Charlie’s a bit tied up

Hammer gives Brax 24 hours to hand over his restaurant and leave town. He’s convinced it was Brax who set fire to Jake’s place. If Brax doesn’t comply, his family and friends will be in grave danger. Brax warns Charlie to be careful but she refuses to be dictated to by a criminal. Hammer jumps the gun before the 24 hours are up. He kidnaps Charlie – planning to lure Brax and kill them both. But when Brax arrives, a scuffle breaks out and Charlie shoots Hammer dead.

Gypsy is excited about her dinner date with new beau Mark, despite her daughter Lilly’s reservations. Mark ends up cancelling at the last minute, so a dejected Gypsy is left in the restaurant with bartender Liam. But it seems she’s quite pleased with this turn of events, as the two of them have a connection. The following day, Lilly questions Mark’s commitment to Gypsy.

Harvey and Roo go on a ‘semi-date’ but Roo bails early, feeling conflicted. The following day Harvey asks her out again and declares that he will bring her a bouquet of flowers every day until she agrees to go on another date with him!