It’s a normal day in Casualty for a sleep-deprived Charlie as he struggles to accept changes made by an ambitious Ruth in order to secure a promotion.

But soon work is the last thing on his mind, when Noel brings his granddaughter Megan into the emergency department, revealing that Shona has left her there and says she isn’t coming back!

Shona refuses to answer her phone and Charlie wants to take Megan home, but Tess is unable to arrange cover as Kirsty has failed to turn up to work.

At his wits’ end, Charlie asks Big Mac to pull some strings and get Megan a place at the hospital creche, but when the creche fills up, Charlie is forced to rely on the team to help him look after her.

Realising he isn’t getting any younger, Charlie wrestles with the implications of looking after a baby at his age. But he quickly realises how much he cares for his granddaughter when a troubled patient he’s treating kidnaps her!

The team launch a search and, while checking a store cupboard, Charlie catches Ruth’s husband, Edward, kissing another man! But he’s too panicked about Megan to process what he’s just witnessed.

Finally Megan is tracked down to an empty stairwell, and Charlie talks the disturbed patient into giving her back.