Charlie’s feeling the strain

Having become a disillusioned with nursing, Charlie is in no mood to celebrate his 35 years in the job. But he’s soon brought back down to earth when news comes of the bus explosion and he heads straight out to the site. Charlie’s grateful when ex-soldier Denny helps him to calm down one of the wounded.

In casualty, there’s chaos with few staff, no temporary mortuary and no Nathan, and Connie Beauchamp arrives to take charge. When Connie is forced to stabilise a patient suffering from shock, she bawls at Charlie for giving painkillers without prescription. Alone in the lift, Charlie bangs his head against the wall.

Animal rights activist Nell admits that she was involved in the bombing but won’t say if there are any more bombs. At that moment, an unattended bag is spotted and the department is evacuated. After a hard day, new boy Toby takes Charlie to his wrecked car – and Charlie decides Toby’s buying at the pub!

Holby City’s Amanda Mealing guest stars.