Charlie feels guilty for going off at Ross and is further upset when Morag tells her that Ross didn’t come home and isn’t answering his phone. Ross turns up at Rachel’s having fallen in the ocean and lost his phone. Ruby returns home the next day. When he sees Xavier confront Ruby, Ross attacks him, thinking he’s Charlie’s old boyfriend. In the ensuing scuffle, he accidentally hits Morag in the face. Rachel tells Morag she believes it’s time for Ross to move into full-time care.

Ruby and Charlie are desperate to talk about what happened at Aunty Michelle’s. Ruby tells Charlie she understands more about what Charlie went through and that she’s going to move in with Geoff and Annie for a while. Charlie accepts it. But Ruby is also left to deal with Xavier, who’s convinced something is going on between her and Geoff. Ruby makes her mind up to find out who her real father is.

Dexter is avoiding Annie – he confides in Jai it’s because he’s frustrated she only sees him as a friend. Annie finds out Dexter likes her, but when she confronts him with it, he runs. She chases him down, and he kisses her. She kisses him back, and their romance begins.

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