Hugo has kidnapped Charlie onto a boat, and she realises he’s behind the people smuggling. A flashback reveals exactly what Hugo has been up to since he arrived in the Bay. Hugo tries to toss Charlie overboard. He reckons that if she swims to a nearby island, it will buy him some time and she’ll be safe. But Charlie gets hold of the gun just as Suzy arrives to kill Hugo. He tells Charlie they will have to work together.

Xavier, Alf and Romeo find the refugees in the shipping container. Wayan is in a bad way and needs immediate medical attention. They take him to hospital, where Rachel performs an operation to save his life.

Martha is still tied up in the boot of Derrick’s car, being held hostage. She doesn’t understand how Hugo could be involved in any of this. Angelo has been hiding in the back of the car and at the right time overpowers Derrick.

Angelo is forced to tell Martha all about Hugo. Martha can’t believe that Hugo is involved in the people smuggling, but just as she’s processing this, Derrick stirs, and shoots at her. Angelo dives in front, taking a bullet for her, but will he survive?