*First episode*
Claire and Gail are questioned by the police and it appears that Tracy’s months of careful plotting have paid off as the two women paint a damning picture of Charlie’s ‘abuse’. Over at the hospital, Jason and Maria are at Charlie’s bedside when the life support alarm sounds and Charlie flatlines…

Fiz is concerned about Les and Chesney’s well-being as a depressed Les seems to be falling apart without Cilla around. Les works all the hours he can to pay off Cilla’s charity debt, while Chesney’s left home alone.

Also, Sally and Kevin are stunned when a familiar face turns up on the street – Kevin’s dad Bill is back in Weatherfield! Meanwhile, Michelle prepares for another date with Sonny, while Steve looks after Amy for Tracy.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*
The crash team were unable to revive Charlie, and Maria and Jason are shocked to learn that he’s dead. The police break the news to Tracy, who hides her joy and relief and plays the grieving girlfriend. But Tracy is given cause for concern when the police reveal that they suspect that Charlie’s murder wasn’t self-defence after all…

Bill reveals to a surprised Kevin and Sally that his marriage to Maureen is over and he’s hoping to make his visit to Weatherfield more permanent. Bill apologises to Audrey for the grief he caused her at Christmas and Audrey seems pleased that he’s back.

Fiz is furious when Les falls asleep on the sofa and she discovers poor Chesney has been locked out of the house for ages. Fiz gives Les a piece of her mind and she starts to realise that she can’t let Les continue to neglect her little brother.

Elsewhere, Michelle and Sonny’s cosy night in is interrupted by the arrival of Paul and Carla.