Charlie and Robertson question Daria about Penn’s murder. Desperate to buy time to get more information out of her, Charlie goes to John Palmer to see if he can provide them with anything they can charge her with to keep her there. In her caravan, the cops finally find some evidence to use against Daria.

Xavier finds out from Romeo that April has moved back to Irene’s and is concerned that he has grown apart from her. He tries to bridge the gap, afraid she may have hooked up with someone while she was away. Xavier finds out April has been chatting to someone in France called Rene and is relieved… until Romeo points out that in France, Rene is a guy’s name.

April, back living with Irene, is spending a lot of time online chatting to Rene. Xavier suspects something is going on and April is being very evasive. But she explains that Rene is just her father’s assistant and a very old man, and that she only talks to him for school stuff. Xavier believes her, but when April talks to Rene later in the night, it turns out he’s not an old man and it seems they’re hatching a plan. What’s April hiding?

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