Charlie has survived Tracy’s attempted murder and is on life support in hospital. Tracy doesn’t know whether Charlie is dead or alive while she’s interviewed by the police, but she keeps her cool and plays the part of the battered girlfriend perfectly, while sticking to her story. Tracy gets bail and returns to the street, determined to visit Charlie in hospital. Deirdre agrees to take her and when the two are alone, she wishes Charlie a speedy death.

Tracy’s battered girlfriend story has hooked in all the locals and only Jason seems to think that Charlie is the victim. Claire blames herself for not doing more to help out Tracy before things reached such a dreadful confusion, while Maria struggles with mixed emotions about Charlie’s critical condition.

Kelly ruins Becky’s chances with her new bloke Rob when she reveals to Rob that Becky once tried to frame her. Becky is on the defensive when Rob questions her about Kelly’s accusations and dumps him in the assumption that he’s about to dump her. Becky is furious that Kelly has interfered.