It’s a quiet morning in A & E, but Charlie still feels put out by Simon’s arrival and it’s not long before they clash. Charlie discovers that Simon is hosting a drinks party for the doctors, and he has been given some free televisions as part of an equipment order. But Charlie is suspicious and, in his mind, this is evidence of dodgy dealing.

Beth, a little girl found in her nightie, is brought into the ED by a rather secretive Ian. When Beth tells Maggie that ‘Nana wouldn’t wake up’, Maggie and Dixie race out in the RRV to find her. After correctly diagnosing Beth with carbon monoxide poisoning, Charlie tries to alert Maggie and Dixie – but they are already in the house…

Later, Charlie is relieved that Maggie, Dixie and Ian have not been poisoned, but Ian admits his brother’s involvement in Beth’s accident. At the end of the day, Charlie offers to take Maggie out for a drink, but his hopes are dashed when she gets roped into babysitting Lana.

Also, Kelsey gets a surprise when her internet soldier reveals he’s returning to the UK. Elsewhere, Big Mac is beginning to worry about how deeply he’s involved in the deception.