Charlie’s taken hostage by a drug dealer!

There’s terror in Charlie’s drugs clinic when a sinister dealer, Felix, realises there’s heroin on the premises. Coming into the ED with a gashed head, he gets chatting to recovering addicts Annie and Chloe (Tina O’Brien and Naomi Bentley) and finds out about the clinic.

Cornering Charlie, Felix demands he hand over the clinic’s entire stock of drugs. When Charlie refuses, Felix holds a needle to his throat!

A horrified Linda manages to press the panic alarm, but when things get out of hand she give Felix the drugs.

Elsewhere, disappointed by his staff’s attitude, Jordan appoints himself ‘head of complacency’ and his first target is Zoe! But a bad day at the office for Zoe ends in a surprising promotion, when Jordan makes peace with her and asks her to be his second in command.

Meanwhile Chloe, in need of a fix, goes to Felix’s apartment – where he attacks her. At the ED Dylan discovers Felix has a brain tumour. Felix is tracked down at his apartment, where Big Mac chases and catches him and the police arrest him. Annie finds Chloe inside injured and covered in blood…