Charlie’s world is falling apart

Charlie is rushed to hospital with a dislocated pelvis. Dr Young tells her family that Charlie probably had similar difficulties when she was pregnant. Ruby is quick to correct him: Charlie’s never been pregnant. Charlie wakes to her family realising she has resumed her relationship with Angelo.

Angelo hears Joey’s name during an argument with Brett and Charlie has to tell him the truth. Hurt, Angelo wonders if he really is the right guy for Charlie. Ross begs Charlie not to keep secrets. A family skeleton lurks in the closet, but Charlie is adamant they should leave things as they are.

Rachel takes baby Harry home. She frets, trying to follow her parenting books to the letter. Dr Young arrives with news that she may be getting sued by a patient who recently lost her own baby at the hospital.

Martha is proud of her new relationship with Hugo, though Morag wonders if Hugo is everything he seems to be. Martha tells him he’s working too much after his accident, but Hugo assures her he’s fine. Morag warns him that Martha can’t take any more pain, so he had better not hurt her. Hugo is left with food for thought.