Charlotte and Matt are thrown together

Matt tells Charlotte that Leah suspects there’s something between them. Charlotte throws Leah off the scent by telling her that Matt is upset about a poor exam score, but the plan backfires when Leah arranges for Charlotte to give Matt after-school tuition. The Bay surprise Jett with a leaving party, but Matt is missing. It seems that his ‘fake’ tutoring session with Charlotte has taken an intimate turn…

Hannah admits to Leah that Sean reminded her of a life she was supposed to have. Leah tells Zac about their conversation and suggests the twins move in with them. Josh tells Andy that he’s furious with Evelyn for lying, but Andy tells him that Hannah is family. Later, the couple agree to put the last few days behind them.

Andy’s gutted when he catches Hannah and Sean having an intimate conversation. He makes his way to Angelo’s and bumps into Emma and. before they know it, the pair are back at the gym ripping each other’s clothes off!