Fiz orders John to write a letter of resignation to the school. Later, Charlotte meets John at No 5 and tells him not to post the letter, he rips it up, planning to tell Fiz that he posted it. Charlotte says she enjoys the danger of sneaking around and suggests they go upstairs. When he’s reluctant Charlotte orders him to visit her at home next week instead.

Lewis tells Deirdre that he has doubts about moving in with Audrey, but wonders if the time has come to settle down. Later, he calls on Audrey and is stunned when she suggests they look for a hotel to buy in Greece. He tells her he’s flattered but needs to give the idea careful consideration, leaving her feeling the fool.

Ryan’s annoyed with Sian, accusing her of laughing at him behind his back. But after seeing her distress, he promises not to breathe a word about her and Sophie. Sian tells Sophie, who warns her that Ryan won’t keep their secret for long. Sophie wants to tell her parents before they find out, but Sian’s scared of taking such a big step.

Also, Deirdre sympathises with Eileen; Cheryl tells Lloyd that she’s quit her job at the club.

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