Charlotte begins to explain why she never told Zac he had a son, but Zac is furious. So furious, that when Hunter arrives back at The Diner, he walks out. When Charlotte later tries to apologise, Zac still can’t accept her actions.

Andy confronts Charlotte about the baby picture in her purse and suggests they slow things down. Hannah persuades him to give things a chance, unaware Hunter has been placing doubts in Andy’s mind.

VJ is adamant that Hunter broke into their house and the pair end up in a fight in The Surf Club. Later, Leah and Zac tell VJ he can’t go around accusing people without proof. Alf comes to the house to check on Leah and she tells Alf she no longer trusts Charlotte.

As Charlotte comforts her son, Zac knocks on the door and suggests he and Hunter take a walk. While he and Hunter get to know each other, Leah turns up at the motel and demands to know what Charlotte really wants.