Ash and Phoebe are in a flirtatious mood when Kat comes barging through the front door ranting about Charlotte. Ash decides to pay a visit to Charlotte and tells her to stop antagonising Kat. But the Summer Bay murderer spikes Kat’s drink and, a few hours later, a groggy Kat wakes up in her patrol car to find her gun and handcuffs are missing.

John confides in Leah about Skye’s problems and she suggests that John and Skye pay a visit to her mother. John suggests the idea to Skye who runs off. John and Jett finally find her with Leah who has convinced Skye to see her mum with the support of John and Jett.

When Nate comes face-to-face with Gavin, he walks away disgusted by his father’s behaviour. Nate heads off to babysit Casey and, Ricky visits Gavin to tell him a few home truths. Gavin then visits Nate – he tells his son how proud he is and gives him his grandmother’s engagement ring before leaving The Bay to work on himself.