Charlotte flees town

Dodgy doctor Charlotte finally tells Boyd the truth – that she’s a fraud doctor and she’s fleeing town! Seeing a chance to change his and Charlotte’s lives for the better, deluded Boyd suggests they both leave town to make a new start together. However, at the General Store, Boyd overhears Lou discussing Terrence’s murder and realises that Charlotte may have been involved. Although he’s devastated, Boyd still chooses to go on the run with Charlotte, despite the risks.

Erinsborough is stunned at the news about Charlotte, with Rosie wondering if Charlotte is liable for murder should Paul die. Later, Toadie and Rosie also wonder at how complicit Boyd was in Charlotte’s fraudulent actions. The Kennedys and Toadie go to the surgery to rifle through Charlotte’s stuff and Toadie realises that Charlotte was feeding information to dodgy psychic Terrence.

Zeke tells an outraged Rachel that Ringo’s new Mr Sensitive personality is just an act. Rachel is furious with Ringo, after finding out that he also lied about his age, and refuses to believe that he’s now completely for real.

Also, Pepper apologises to Harold and Lou for not telling them about scary Mary earlier and putting baby Kerry at risk.