Charlotte frames Boyd

Determined to prove her innocence, Sky tells Toadie she intends to plead not guilty at her committal hearing. So she’s gutted when Toadie informs her that her best option is to plead guilty to manslaughter, rather than risk going down for murder.

To lure Charlotte into confessing to Terrence’s murder, Boyd concocts a fake confession about killing a man in Tasmania. Feeling she now has equal footing in the crime stakes, Charlotte finally confesses to the crime, but is oblivious to the fact that Boyd has secretly captured her admission on his mp3 player.

As the police close in, desperate Charlotte takes off in her car, with Boyd obliged to jump in with her. Worried Boyd does his best to stop the car, and, as he struggles with Charlotte, it crashes. Boyd is in a critical condition, and Charlotte tells police Boyd kidnapped her because she knows his secret – he’s a murderer.

Meanwhile, back on Ramsay Street, everyone is appalled by Boyd’s flight, and residents even start to question his involvement in Charlotte’s crimes. However, Janae and Sky are united in doubting that Boyd is guilty of anything other than a crime of the heart.