Charlotte hides Denny’s body

Charlotte drags Denny’s body in a bush and leaves her there. When she gets home, she frantically tries to erase every trace of Denny from her clothes and floor. Later, Hunter arrives home and puts on another stellar performance for Charlotte and even attempts to cook her a meal. 

Charlotte finds out Denny was supposed to drop a manual off at the bait shop. In a panic, Charlotte goes back retrieve the manual with the intention to place it back at the bait shop. As she makes her way there in darkness, Kat’s on patrol and armed. After a series of panic attacks, Kat’s rattled by the movement of an intruder and fires her gun. Has she killed Charlotte?

Also, Phoebe finally tells Kyle and Ash about the baby’s slim chances of survival and being torn about having an abortion. Ash says he’ll support her decision either way, but Kyle is firm, if there is the smallest chance, then they must keep the baby. After thinking things through, Phoebe decides that, while there’s still hope, they must keep the baby.