Kyle offers Charlotte a job at Angelo’s. Later, Charlotte blackmails Zac about his $20,000 loan. She demands that he writes her character reference or she’ll tell Leah the truth about the money he borrowed. With his hands tied, Zac confesses all to Leah. Charlotte needs to get some information on Brax – and fast! So she barges into the Share House and rummages through Kyle’s draws. When Kyle walks in, Charlotte thinks on her feet and ends up sleeping with him!

Charlotte tries to mend her relationship with Hunter but Alf and Irene throw her out. In an attempt to cheer him up, Olivia suggests that her, Hunter and VJ spend the day together and it’s soon clear that VJ has become the third wheel.

Also, Ricky is on cloud nine, when Nate makes it clear he wants to be a part of Casey’s life. Being a man of his word, Nate babysits Casey when Ricky is offered a last-minute photography gig.