Charlotte needs money… fast!

Charlotte desperately tries to raise the $200,000 blackmail money and starts by emptying Denny’s online account. Later, she asks Zac if he has the $20,000 she loaned him, but he says he can’t afford to pay it back. So she resorts to selling her car but, after losing her temper with a pushy customer, Charlotte has no choice but to use Hunter’s $150,000 trust fund.

John is overjoyed to renew his vowels until Chris starts trying to organise things. And his wedding excitement slowly fizzles when it’s clear that Marilyn doesn’t feel the same way.

Meanwhile, Evelyn gets a surprise visit from Josh, and when he starts to give his opinion on Tank, Evelyn is livid and makes it clear Josh has no say in her love life. Later, at dinner, Evelyn seems like her old self and Leah and Zac think they’ve turned a corner. However, Evelyn steals back her old phone, packs a bag and, in the middle of the night, sneaks out to Tank who is waiting in the car…