Charlotte and Ash reassure each other that Gunno vs. Brax saga has been handled. However, Kyle sees the pair talking and confronts Charlotte, sure that something dodgy is going on. Phoebe notices Charlotte and Ash giving each other strange looks, but Ash distracts her by discussing their six-month anniversary. When Charlotte finds out Kat took Hunter in for questioning, the ladies exchange a catty war of words.

Emerson tells Kat that she must find a motive so they can arrest Charlotte for murder. So Kat decides to bring Hunter in for questioning. She shows him a picture of Trystan, but Hunter denies ever seeing him, leaving her no choice but to terminate their interview.

Jett shows Skye around Summer Bay, with help from VJ and the threesome end the day with smoothies in Angelo’s. Meanwhile, John convinces himself that Skye is pregnant. Finally, Skye tells John about her strained relationship with her mother due to the death of her older sister and John decides that he wants to help her.