Diane has transferred the rest of her money, packed her bags and is ready to go, so all that is left for her to do is enjoy her leaving party and say goodbye to her friends. Charming Charlie is so overwhelmed by the love that is all around that he decides he has to tell his daughter he’s ill before they leave for France. Diane thinks that’s a good idea and puts him in a taxi, planning to meet up with him later. The only one not feeling the love is Doug, who disappoints Diane by not going to her party. Doug’s not the first man to disappoint Diane but, now she has Charlie, will he be the last?

Nicola and Jimmy are also in a party mood thanks to Scarlett. She has made them a business proposition too good to refuse – and it will get them a family home they can call their own.

Meanwhile, Nikhil is considering his future with Maisie and decides honesty is the best policy. He tells Maisie the truth about why he hasn’t made love to her and is happily surprised when she doesn’t mind. Is it catching then?

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