Chas and Aaron are back on bad terms

Aaron helps out at the garage but Daz plays a prank by telling Aaron to jack up a car then put it in reverse to make the clock go back but the car slips from the jack and flies into a wall. Lisa is furious with Aaron but Daz takes the blame and Chas has a go at Aaron without hearing the whole story. Chas later apologises but Aaron isn’t interested and Chas is back to square one with her son.

David takes Leyla to a gig but gets steaming drunk and Leyla has to enlist a random friend Skin (Greg Wood) to take them home. Lily is not amused when Leyla brings Skin back to the house but he wins her over.

Brenda is angry that Leyla’s DIY ‘aromatherapy’ treatment brought her out in a rash. Bob tries to cheer Brenda up by setting up a webcam so she can talk to Terry in Spain but she’s hurt when TJ butts in and says that he and Terry don’t miss her and would rather stay with Jean. Brenda drowns her sorrows at the pub and Doug kindly takes her home. A drunken Brenda tries to kiss Doug but he doesn’t want to take advantage of her.

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