Chas and Cameron go all Bonnie and Clyde and make plans to rob the pub. But Cameron has to do the actual stealing, as Chas can’t possibly do that to Diane. What Chas can do to Diane is tell her she’ll cash up and lock up, then pretend to be drunk as Diane, Dan and Ashley go to bed. The idea is that the drunk Chas leaves the pub’s takings lying around overnight and – what rotten luck! – that’s the night a burglar (Cameron) breaks in and gets away with the money. The lesson here is: never go into business with a Dingle! Ever! They are loyal only to themselves.

Rishi has more of a sense of family loyalty and reassures Jai he won’t tell Charity that Rachel is carrying Jai’s baby. But that doesn’t mean she won’t find out…especially as Jai has become something of a cashpoint machine for Rachel. Charity’s going to start wondering where their money’s going sooner or later – and probably sooner.

Like Charity, Jacob is no fool. He knows Priya likes David in that special girl-boy – that’s why he scratched her car. In his own little-boy way, Jacob was trying to warn off Priya. What Jacob doesn’t realise is that David wants Priya the way she wants him…

*Second episode*

Dan’s the unlikely hero of the hour when Chas and Cameron rob the pub – or don’t rob it, as it happens. Cameron breaks in as planned and next morning Ashley comes downstairs to find the pub has been burgled. So far it all looks like it happened just as Chas thought it would. Oh, no! Chas tells Diane, she left the pub’s takings out! The money’s gone! Except it isn’t. Dan found the money and took it upstairs for safekeeping! So Cameron left empty-handed. But the police are still called… Meanwhile, Chas and Cameron still need money so Cameron has to sell his van. And he does – to Jimmy! So Carl is paid off with Jimmy’s money! Carl doesn’t know that, though, when Chas pays up. All Carl knows is that he loves Chas – and that’s what he tells her!

Carl’s not talking nice to Jimmy, though. The King brothers have had one royal row after another lately – and have failed to spot that their rows are all part of Charity’s cunning plan to dethrone them.

Marlon’s plan to get Leo back has worked. Rhona’s returned, but she’s very bitter and she lets Marlon know exactly how she feels.