Chas and Diane make up

Realising life is too short, Diane heads over to the Mental Health Unit where Chas is being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Having hurt each other and torn their friendship to shreds, they’re nervous about seeing each other again. But a hug confirms they’re back on track. Will Diane tell Chas about seeing Gordon?

Later, Diane tells Doug that she’s determined to enjoy the last throes of her life and with that in mind, she’s decided to sell her share of the Woolie.

As heartbroken Harriet moves her things out of Ashley’s and into Edna’s, news of the couple’s split soon reaches Laurel. When Ashley later takes the kids out, on a whim, Nicola clocks Laurel fondly eyeing her ex. Pushing Laurel to admit she’s still in love with Ashley, Nicola then vows to reunite them before the year is out!

James asks Pete to move out of his caravan and back in with the family. Pete soon clocks the secret arrangement that Ross and Emma have got going. Will he keep schtum about Emma looking after Moses behind Debbie’s back?

At the village hall, Zak hears Joanie rehearsing and becomes even more smitten.