Knickers! Lacy, sexy ones with matching bras, that’s what Chas is shopping for as a treat for Carl (she’ll be wearing them, not him!) – and so is dirty flirty Eve. What’s more, they’re shopping at the same place – and it was Chas’s idea. Of course, she doesn’t know that Eve is also buying naughty knickers as a treat for Carl – if she did she’d probably string Eve by her G-string. So, they go as mates to Gennie’s lingerie party, but we have a feeling their new underwear will last longer than their friendship.

Viv’s friendship with Hazel is also on rocky ground because Viv thinks Bob is dating her new best friend. Bob wanted to, but Hazel wasn’t interested in being anything other than friends… and his art teacher. It’s after an art class that Viv sees Bob hugging Hazel and thinks there’s more to the picture than there really is.

Rhona’s busy trying to convince Paddy that it is really Marlon she wants, yet she can’t bring herself to join them on their games night. Marlon’s not the sharpest knife in the kitchen, but he’s going to realise all’s not right with his romance sooner rather than later.

*Second episode*

The one mouth that can give Chas a run for her money belongs to Alicia. They’ve already had a run-in at The Woolpack, where Alicia served Chas with more of a sneer than a smile. Now they’re at the same lingerie party and Alicia is wondering why an old woman like Chas would be there. (We’re wondering if Alicia’s buying with someone special in mind…) Claws out, Chas nicks Alicia’s clothes and she’s forced to front up in The Woolpack in a dressing-gown to get them back. Nice one, Chas, but you should be paying attention to enemies closer to home.

Cain’s paying too much attention to Charity’s work with Jai and works himself up into a green-eyed monster. Jealous of their new business, Cain has a word in Pollard’s ear and he bumps up his price. Charity realises what Cain has done and warns him that she’ll be less than charitable if he doesn’t back off.

Not one to keep her mouth shut when she can just as easily put her foot in it, Viv verbally attacks Hazel for having a relationship with Bob. She has to eat her words, though, when Hazel makes it clear that there’s no romance.

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