Chas and Lexi go on the run!

Chas is horrified that Colin’s widow is after her when Paddy tells her that a ‘Mrs McFarlane’ is looking for her. But she soon wonders if Lexi is trying to wind her up and she accuses Paddy of playing a prank. When Chas is confronted by Mrs McFarlane she thinks it’s a big practical joke and makes some crude remarks about her Colin’s demise and she’s appalled when she realises that it’s no joke. Chas does a runner and collects Lexi and they flee to an abandoned farmhouse.

Kelly heads out to Hotten to have her second appointment for the abortion and she struggles to hide her guilt from Jimmy. Scarlett offers a low Kelly support, while Jimmy is worried by her down mood and offers to make her the face of King Enterprises. Kelly decides to look forward to her modelling career.

Jonny gossips with Paul about Katie’s burgeoning crush on Grayson and implies that Gray may be looking to replace Perdy. Paul jumps to Gray’s defence and accidentally lets slip that Gray is gay. Jonny is surprised and Paul swears him to secrecy, feeling bad that he’s betrayed Gray’s trust.

Also, Billy catches Daz buying condoms; Carl spends a romantic day with Grace.