Aaron helped his lover to do what he wanted, now he’s got to help Jackson’s mother recover from their actions… Hazel has locked herself in Dale Head and turned the cottage into a shrine. She needs someone sensitive and caring to help her rejoin the world – but she gets Chas. To be fair, Chas does her best but she’s out of her depth. She does have the sense, though, to send Aaron to Hazel and he sees that Hazel needs some TLC and understanding.

Amy needs someone to read her the riot act and it would be Val and Pollard – if they knew what she was up to. They think she’s turned over a new leaf; she even pays Pollard back some of the money she cheated him out of over the whole David non-affair. But behind their backs she’s planning a party at their new home – and they’re not invited!

Leyla and Jacob are invited by David to go into town for some ice cream. That’s his way of making up with Leyla after he tells her not to encourage Jacob to think she’ll always be on hand when she knows he may be moving to Spain. But Leyla wants more from David… an earlier wedding!

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