Chas just couldn’t resist, could she? No matter that her niece, Debbie, misses Cameron’s love and support. Chas has given Cameron a bed (not hers – yet) and a job and thinks it’s funny when Megan thinks Chas and Cameron are a couple. It’s not funny, Chas! And it’s not right to have a cosy chat with Cameron about relationships gone bad. And it’s bang out of order to kiss him! What is it with Chas and other women’s lovesick men? Will it be Pollard next?!

Zak’s not lovesick, but he’s definitely down in the dumps. Lisa’s not. She thinks Zak’s got a job and they’re going to have plenty of money in the pot for a change. Zak thinks he has a job, too, because Sam hasn’t told him he’s been fired. So Zak’s a bit confused when he goes to work at Home Farm and Declan tells him to get off his land. Pride hurt, Zak has a go at Declan in The Woolpack and Cain just stands back and watches. And of course Cain is the reason for Zak’s depression – he can’t get over the fact that he nearly killed his own son.

Amy can’t get over Val’s departure and is worried that social services won’t let Pollard care for her on his own. Perhaps David can help…or perhaps not.