Chas comes clean with Carl

Carl is stunned when Chas admits that she conspired with Jamie to find evidence to incriminate the Kings over the house collapse scandal.

Carl and Chas sadly agree that their relationship is over after her betrayal, but after learning of Tom’s role in the break-up, Carl tells Tom to stick his offer to hand over the business to him. Jimmy and Matthew overhear their conversation and are shocked to find out Tom’s plan.

Jamie’s stung when Tom tells him that whoever burnt down the billboard for the King development was doing them a favour as they were about to tear it down anyway. Bob pleads with Jamie to let go and give up their plan of revenge as it’s distressing the pregnant Viv, but Jamie isn’t really willing to listen.

Len and Pearl try to cheer up Edna by filling her house with Christmas decorations. Len hangs festive cards on the wall and he discovers Tom’s wedding invitation. He is angry that Edna is considering forgiving Tom and going to the wedding. Len blurts out his true feelings for Edna and he’s stung when she reacts with shock and anger.