While Sarah lies in hospital, Cameron lies with Chas – and lies to Debbie. Suddenly he’s all about letting Debbie and Andy have quality time with Sarah when really he wants quality time with Chas. Ooooooooh – he’s lower than a snake’s belly! So it’s Debbie and Andy who hold Sarah’s hand at the hospital, while Cameron holds Chas – and no amount of phone calls from Debbie can get him to put Chas down!

Zak’s got to go to the hospital, too, for his test results and he insists on going alone. He doesn’t need Lisa there fussing while he’s told what he thinks he already knows – that his cancer has returned. It must have; that has to be why he has felt so bad. But it hasn’t. Zak’s told he’s cancer free! Good news, the doctor thinks. But Zak insists he must be sick and, back home, he tells Lisa the cancer has definitely returned. Oh no!

Elliot’s return to Jimmy’s life is making Nicola sick and she can’t stand to hear him boast about his son. Hmmmmm, she’d better try taking it sitting down, then, because it’s not going to stop. Jimmy’s in love with his son.

*Second episode*

With all the lies he has told so far, Zak has dug a pretty deep hole for himself. He really should stop digging, but he doesn’t, he digs deeper by telling Lisa his cancer has spread. She’s devastated and wants to talk, but Zak drives off. It’s Gennie who finds him in the pub and takes him home. Now would be a good time to put Lisa out of her misery and tell the truth, but Zak can’t do that. Instead, he tells Lisa there’s nothing the doctors can do for him – he’s dying!

The doctors are doing everything they can for Sarah and Cameron should be doing what he can for Debbie. Instead, he’s all over Chas like a rash – and she’s enjoying the itch! But she has to stop scratching when Diane needs her help in the bar. Cameron looks at his phone messages and finally feels that maybe he should give Debbie some support. Feeling guilty, Chas agrees.

Carl finds himself agreeing with Nicola, when she worries that Jimmy is putting Elliot before Angelica. It’s fine for Jimmy to be besotted with Elliot, but he has to fit Angelica into his life, too, Carl tells him – especially if Jimmy doesn’t want Nicola to tear him limb from limb.