That hole Carl has dug for himself by cheating with dirty flirty Eve is going to have get big enough for two. Chas wants to know who Carl has been sexting and he lies – again – and says the phone is Jimmy’s. Well, Chas doesn’t want to believe the worst of her man but if he’s got nothing to hide then why has he been sneaking about so much lately? Because he’s planning a romantic getaway for them, Carl lies – again. Lovely! So Chas happily tells Charity that Jimmy is the bad boy, not Carl. Nicola’s going to love that – not!

Faye doesn’t love seeing her boy bloodied and battered in prison. Well, what mother would? Add that to nasty Nathan’s taunts and Faye is more determined than ever to orchestrate the ruin of Natasha and her precious son. And Declan is more than happy to help her.

Farmer John and Moira want to help Holly, but she still wants drugs. She does give Moira back her Nana’s ring hoping that will get them off her back, but it doesn’t. John again tries to drag the family’s black sheep home. And again he fails.

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