Chas does the time for Cameron’s crime!

Ah, prison grey, a colour the Dingles know only too well – and a colour Chas is going to get to know even better. The police have added up their evidence – her wedding ring next to Carl’s body, her fingerprints all over the scene – and they’ve come up with only one answer: Chas murdered Carl. And that’s what she’s charged with. Chas isn’t guilty, but Cameron’s not telling anyone that. He has his chance to come clean when the police question him about his affair with Chas, but Cameron is a coward. He has broken Debbie’s heart and now he’s leaving Chas to take the blame for what he did. Chas has really dropped herself right in it and this hole might be too big for her to ever climb out of…

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Debbie, Cain, Charity and Zak are focussed on Sarah. She’s in hospital for treatment and wakes wanting to see Cameron. Debbie has to tell her that won’t be happening… She can give her a saviour sibling but she can’t give her Cameron, not any more.

Georgia is on Gennie’s mind – and she’s getting on her nerves, too. Georgia’s making Gennie feel useless around baby Molly and useless Nikhil is no help.