As Robert warns Chas to stay out of trouble and away from Gordon, it looks like his warning may have come too late for the barmaid. In the Woolie, the police arrive wanting to talk to her about Gordon’s vandalised car. A witness has given a description of the guilty party – and it fits Chas perfectly. Chas is let off with a warning, but Aaron doesn’t go as easy on his mum, whose actions have now made his painful past public knowledge.

Rakesh is put on the spot when DS Wise returns to talk. The detective knows Kirin sent his dad a letter, but the lawyer denies it. Later, he’s put on indefinite leave from his work after news of Kirin’s murky disappearance reaches the legal firm.

Rhona is furious with Paddy, who defied her and went to the police about Kirin and the hit-and-run. She rails at Paddy who is shocked when she says she’s pleased Tess is dead. As Paddy claims to have had no other option, he urges his wife to start talking to him to try to save their broken marriage.