Furious Chas goes green at the sight of her troublesome mum, Faith, working in the Woolie!

Chas finds her meddling mum Faith has taken over at the Woolpack and has decked the pub out for St Patrick's Day.

Landlady Chas returns to the village and  is furious to find the Woolpack’s been decked out in green for St Patrick’s Day – and that her no-good mum Faith has appointed herself a job behind the bar!

It’s the morning-after-the-night-before for Robert who’s hungover and full of regret for making a move on Rebecca. He begs his ex-lover not to say a word to his partner Aaron – who’s in prison and none the wiser – but will Robert’s savvy mother-in-law Chas get the truth out of him? Later, Chas is beside herself to learn her banged up son Aaron has been taking drugs.

There’s good news for rocky Zak and Lisa, who are finally properly back on, and Carly is also full of the joys when she learns she’s  been offered a job overseas.