Chas gets shocking news!

Chas can’t believe what she’s hearing! But what is it? Has she heard that cowardly Cameron has confessed to being Carl’s murderer? As if! No, Chas is stunned to hear that her jail buddy, Tracey, has killed herself after receiving a five-year sentence. Five years?! That’s nothing compared to what Chas will get if she’s convicted of killing Carl and now Chas is terrified. Can she cope with years…and years…and years behind bars? She’s not sure. If only Cameron could bring her some good news. And he thinks he does… He plays on Jimmy’s guilty feelings (well, Carl was Jimmy’s brother and he did try to rape Chas) and gets Jimmy to cough up £5000 towards Chas’s legal fees. But it’s not money Chas wants, it’s her freedom.

Paddy and Marlon are in the doghouse when Rhona and Laurel turn up at the hotel and find them in their fluffy white bathrobes. What’s going on? Well, the boys were about to have breakfast, but suddenly they have no appetite – and Rhona and Laurel want their heads on a plate!

Gennie wants a job and Nikhil makes her sales manager. He’s going to look after Molly while Gennie helps build the Sharma toffee empire. Sweet! Except Rishi doesn’t think so.