Chas gets the wedding day jitters

The wedding day dawns for Chas and Katie – but they have very different ways of preparing for their moment in the spotlight. Katie’s all about making sure she’s every bit the beautiful bride. Not Chas, though. Chas goes to Katie and tells her she wants to get married first. What??? Katie’s not having that. She’s already sharing her big day out of the goodness of her heart! She has no intention of letting Chas down the runway (sorry, church aisle) first. But Chas doesn’t want to steal Katie’s thunder; she wants to get through the ceremony fast then do a runner with Dan. Why? Because Chas has told Carl she’ll run away with him! He thinks she’s going to jilt Dan but, really, she’s going to dump Carl – again! Where does that leave Cameron? He’ll have to face a very angry Carl – on his own.

Declan is going to have to face a very angry Megan on his wedding day – because she finds out he has ripped her off. As Katie joins Declan at the altar, watched by just about the whole village, Megan roars up outside the church…

And Megan’s not the only one looking for a fight. Edna lets slip to Mister James that Mister Carl has sold his share of the haulage business to Charity and Jimmy wants to haul off and knock Carl into next week.