Chas gives Cameron the green light

Debbie wants Cameron to focus on her and Sarah, as Sarah is about to have a new treatment. But Cameron has only one person on his mind: Chas. He wants to know if she wants him, not just for quick bonks in the cellar, but for sleepovers, night after night. Chas tells Cameron her answer is ‘no’. But then Debbie teases her about finding the right man and Chas decides she already has: Cameron. She goes to find him and tells him to pack his bags and move in with her!

Bob’s going to be sharing his home, too – with desperate Dan. Good old Bob. Someone give him a pat on the back – or, better still, a thump. While Ali’s distracted by her ex, Ruby has noticed something’s up with Sean and he admits his new trainers were nicked by bullies who are tormenting him because Ali can’t read. Ruby covers for the lad and grateful Sean tells his dad, Dan, to leave Ruby and his mum alone. If only!

Edna tells Ashley she can’t forgive what he did to Sandy, but Edna is the least of Ashley’s worries. Laurel won’t have him home and it doesn’t look like there’s a place for Ashley in Emmerdale any more.