Chas’s revelation about Adam’s age alarms James (VIDEO)

When James realises that Adam’s birthday is looming, he does a quick calculation and works out that his nephew will be celebrating his 21st. But when James mentions the milestone birthday to Chas, he appears unsettled when she reveals that Adam will actually be 22. What is James thinking? Is there a possibility that he’s Adam’s dad?

Debbie’s warned Declan that Charity must have a motive for agreeing to marry him and keep their baby, so he decides to put his fiance to the test. When Declan suggests a big lavish wedding and Charity says she just wants to keep it simple and fuss-free, he takes it as a good sign that she’s not playing games with him. How will she react when she finds out how Debbie tried to warn Declan off marrying her?

Along with Adam and Katie, Chas has managed to convince James to help her plan a surprise wedding for Cain and Moira – but they hit a brick wall when vicar Harriet reveals she won’t be able to marry the couple in the barn.